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Precious Metal & Materials

Sputtering Target・Vapor Deposition


Solar Panels, Display for LCD, Optical Media(CD・DVD・BD), Crystal Oscillator,
Electrode or Reflective Film for LED

Sputtering Target (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Alloy)

It is available to supply variety of targets fot sputtering.
Also available upon request for a variety of different shapes and sizes.

  1. High quality target without pinhole, burr or chipping, and it is controllable crystalline structure
  2. Highly accurate bonding process by ultrasonic flaw detection
  3. Collect/reprocess of used targets available
  4. Also it is available to clean equipments and recovery of precious metals

Vapor Deposition

Available to supply pellet/shot for vapor deposition

  1. available to collect and reprocess the used material deposition
  2. respond also to collect metals and clean crucible

Au、Ag、Pt、Pd、other alloys


Au, Ag

Precious Metal Powders


available for conductive paste material, catalyst


available to supply precious metal powder for misron~submicron
alloy powder or coating poder is also


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