Social service activities throughout Rotary Club

We want to serve to the society not only as individuals but also through business and want to do the activity which is something useful for the society. This activity helps build character formation and the origin of ourselves and makes us thrive by working on something for other people personally. Thatfs why we belong to Rotary Club and dedicate ourselves to the service. We would like to introduce some activities to you.

Anti-polio campaignThe goal of International Rotary now is to eliminate polio and we actively take part in the campaign which is called gPolio Plush. This plan is an international program aimed at the offer to support people who donft have any medical facilities and environment to fight against the disease such as diphtheria and tetanus. We continue to make efforts to save small children lives from various ailments.

Participation in Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation, Inc.Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation provides privately sponsored scholarships to foreign students pursuing academic studies and/or research in Japan. The scholarship funds come from contributions made by all the Rotarians in Japan. We have to get the mutual understanding from Asian countries at first in order to want the people in the world to understand that Japan is peaceful country. Under the purpose to want people to trust Japan by accepting many foreign students, this activity has started. We aim at the further international development, so we sympathize with the principle and participate in the international exchange activities with foreign countries proactively.

Other social servicesExcept for the above activities, we offer the support to improve literacy rates in developing countries and to send the equipments to provide water in the area with the lack of drinking water. Another project is to dispatch bicycles to the people who need one hour commuting time on foot. We are doing whatever we can.