Introduction of ecology car

Wefve introduced an earth-friendly hybrid car, Prius and Odyssey, as a car for company use, replacing our existing diesel-powered vehicle.

Prius can bring in a decrease of auto emission and a protection of natural resources by an improvement of fuel efficiency etc., because Prius is a hybrid of electricity and gasoline.

As for Odessey, it is top car models for the caring toward the earth among vehicles.

We think that it is important to reform immediate problems.

Improvement of fuel efficiencyWe can reduce the consumption of gasoline due to good gas mileage and make effective use of resources by the change to a fuel-economy car as an office car,

Reduction of harmful effects to global climate caused by auto emissionThe two cars introduced are domestically-produced cars and are placed in a higher rank. They can reduce the emission of CO2 and ease burdens on the earth as much as possible.

TOYOTA Prius HONDA Odyssey